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HOMELESSNESS Early Release – At Martin Place

Their stories are vastly different – he is an Australian born financial planner and management consultant, she is an Iranian refugee turned hairdresser and counsellor – but Bernard Fehon OAM and Azita Abdollahian share a passion for turning compassion into action and helping the homeless.

Bernie is the founder of Vinnies CEO Sleepout and has grown this fundraising and empathy event from a handful of participants to over 1400 CEOs. Azita transforms lives, hair by hair, giving haircuts, food and clothing. They understand that to be homeless is to be rendered invisible, to be made mute; together they seek to open our eyes and give voice to the voiceless.

In this ‘cutting edge’ interview, Azita and Bernie talk to Sydney ‘street-side residents’, Belinda and Laurence, about their stories of homelessness.

World Made Good Produced by Know My Life
A project of Norwest Sunrise Rotary Club
Producer/Director Hardeep Girn

Launching October 2018
© 2018 Know My Group


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