Endurance for the cause

Endurance requires physical and mental strength to challenge pain when it strikes. Despite this, human endeavour and community support can achieve what many would be unable to do.

In 2016 Rob DeCou took part in the RAAM (Race Across America) cycling 3000 miles across America to raise money for research into brain cancer.

Then in 2017 Rob raced Badwater 146 in Death Valley, California, the “World’s Toughest Foot Race”, all to help Rotary International fight Polio (Rob is a member of Rotary Club of Playa Venice Sunrise). Temperatures in Death Valley in August reach 46C/ 114F, yet Rob pushed on a further 11 miles to also summit Mt. Whitney. Over USD$700k was raised and Rob covered a total distance of 156 miles.

World Made Good met with Rob and heard his incredible determination for causes needing support. In an upcoming show we’ll also be hearing of his plans for 2019/2020.

Update: 20th July 2019
Today Rob DeCou undertook his latest endurance test, swimming 18.3 miles from the US to Canada across the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Watch the early release of our segment on Rob, his life and upcoming endeavors.

Credit: Luke Rafferty, 3000 Miles to a Cure

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