From the back streets of Kathmandu to Seven Women

A few days ago, Stephanie Woollard was announced as a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours List. In 2019, Stephanie will also be the host for upcoming World Made Good segments.

Some twelve years ago, on her final day in Nepal, Stephanie was wandering through the back streets of Kathmandu when she noticed a disabled women entering a tiny tin shed. Then she noticed another disabled woman, and then another, entering the shack. Feeling a surge of curiosity, Stephanie looked inside and was surprised to see seven women, all with physical disabilities, sitting on the floor making soap and candles to sell at the nearby market.

Wanting to help these women, Stephanie used her last $200 to hire two-local trainers to come to the tin shack and train them to make products with a greater market. Today, after a decade of hard work, the main Kathmandu Seven Women centre serves as a safe refuge for women who have been victims of domestic violence, or those needing medical attention. Here, the women are taught education and vocational skills, thus breaking the cycle of poverty and despair. Through Seven Women’s work, over 5000 women and girls in Kathmandu and rural Nepal have been educated, trained and employed.

Congratulations to Steph on her recent OAM award from the rest of the World Made Good and AUDIENCED teams.


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