At risk youth breaking the cycle

We don’t get to choose how we start our life, or who we start it with. Some kids are doing it really tough; neglected and hurt by those closest, they face an uncertain future.

The NSW Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC NSW) knows first-hand that overcoming huge obstacles so early on in life is too hard to do alone. For over 80 years, they have changed lives with fitness and activity-based programs that engage and guide young people towards a life they deserve.

RiseUp is one such recent initiative supported by both NSW Police and PCYC. It’s a mentoring program offering young people real-life, on-the-job training, and workshops on relationship building and nutrition.

World Made Good recently spoke with Dominic Teakle, CEO PCYC, Cassie Bush, Assistant Manager, PCYC Glebe/Leichhardt and Renee Fortuna, Senior Constable, Youth Case Manager PCYC Glebe/Leichhardt.

Drawing on their own life experiences and insights they discuss how a program of tough-love and fitness helps young people face fears and doubts to realise their true potential.

With 66 clubs across New South Wales, programs like RiseUp provide a model that has the potential to change even more lives. PCYC relies on community support and makes an excellent partner for companies in NSW who want to invest in results driven Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Thanks to: Rotary Club of Glenhaven, Dominic Teakle, Ren Fortuna, Cassie Bush, Jeremy Carter @ Norwest Sunrise Rotary Club, Patricia Waghorn

Executive Producer and Director Hardeep Girn
World Made Good Produced by AUDIENCED



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